Opinion: A question of originality

Before I go any further I have to say that I prefer Beady Eye to Oasis (but not by much). There you go, I said it.

I cannot stand Oasis. Bloated, overhyped, overexposed; their songs never did anything for me. Whatever formula they were trying in vain to go for, mixing music and football for one, just did not work and contrary to popular belief, not all of their songs are killer. I can probably think of only two albums of the top of my head that are slightly better than average, and it’s ‘Definitely Maybe’ and ‘…Morning Glory?’. But even once you have taken that into consideration they are still entirely derivative of the standard 60s guitar-rock band; yes you’ve guessed it, one famous Liverpudlian band springs to mind. Of course when you take away Oasis, you are left with Kasabian, Everything Everything and Brother – oh Brother, yeh exactly…

When Oasis did split up I did do a little mental-jump for joy (though we did have to settle for second greatest hits set, but one that spanned their career not just one album, ‘Stop The Clocks’ anyone?) but I was a little cynical when Liam announced he would come back with a different band; Beady Eye. Crap name, I thought. Still wasn’t convinced. Then “Bring The Light” was made a free download. Catchy tune, but again a tune you could have easily envisaged Oasis releasing, as good as it is it doesn’t come without its criticisms. Then the whispers came of the album title, again still not convinced as it would have been a perfect contender for Oasis’s would-be next album.

But you did have to laugh when they unveiled “The Roller”, howl in fact:

It’s more or less as exactly the same as”All You Need Is Love”, sounds like they’ve been listening to ‘The Magical Mystery Tour’ [US Version] on repeat a little too much.

At least when Noel was around, he at least tried to reign the apparent Beatles influences and dire attempts at comparison.

It’s more or less the same with this artist, here her comeback single from her second album. After near constant re-releases, expanded and deluxe editions of her album as well as remixes, we now have this little number to contend with:

Now if you look at this single cover on the video, it looks exactly like Kylie Minogue’s “2 Hearts” single cover, as well as the music being ripped off “the Queen of Pop”:

Isn’t it usually by the second album that an artist comes into their as opposed to still ripping off their idols? Jesus wept! And I thought The Gaslight Anthem fell foul of that habit.


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