Gig: Noah and the Whale @ Rough Trade East. 3.7.11

After their triumphant release yesterday, of their third album “Last Night on Earth” Charlie Fink and co. took to the stage at Rough Trade East in Brick Lane, London and performed to a packed venue.

They kicked things off with not a moment to spare with album opener “Tonight’s the Kind of Night”, which had me bopping along like a pop-loving loon.

They then kindly gave us “Blue Skies”. Taken from their break-up themed second set (surprisingly Laura Marling was nowhere to be seen), it was played with a new passion, almost comparingly in the same vein from anything you may hear from “LNOE” – new life, moving on; that kind of lease of energy. This song of the set is interesting, as it’s a pointer to how far this band have progressed in recent years in terms of, dare I say it, their change in sound.

The rest of the set was peppered with gems like “Life Is Life” which according to the band is “the closest they’ll ever come to writing a hip-hop track and “5 Years Time”.

They finsihed of the night’s proceedings with “L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N” which in case you haven’t heard, is very much a Lou Reed inspired number. In went a down a storm with the crowd, which is a given as most set-closers do go down well.

One thing that struck me throughout the whole gig was how transfixed everyone was in the audience, short a few head-bops here and there everyone was in awe. Which is rare these days, as usually gigs can be destroyed by inconsiderate goons slopping red stripe everywhere, shoegazers, camera ‘hores, and unnecessary shoving. But this was a dream; probably one of the most intense gigs just for this reason.


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