Michael Jackson 1958 – 2009

Shocking news from the past day or so.

There has been much specualton over the past few months as to whether MJ could perform all 50 gigs in the UK. Back when Michael Jackson unveiled at the O2 arena in March that he wouldbe managing a comeback tour of 50 dates no one could predict the sheer significance his words “this is it” would carry.

Most will remember the the controversies of his private life (disgustingly the jokes surrounding his death started barely an hour after it was confirmed) I will remember him for this performance nd his signature move the moonwalk:

What strikes me as odd in times like this when a prominent celebrity passes away ( and yes I’m hypocritical) is the jokes! None of us do it when our relatives or close loved ones die, so why must we do it to others. I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and say that I’m his number 1 fan, but I will say this. He was cleared seven times of child molestation. Jordy Chandler was settled out of court, and I know full well had I really been molested there is no way I would settle for being settled (does that even make sense?). Enough already, he’s been dead nearly a day. And that’s exactly it. We’re all free to make our judgements now as he can’t defend himself in death.

There is no doubting the trule magic of his performances (though you can’t compare him to Elvis or Madonna) but let’s remember him for what we know which is just that his talent and showmanship, not what we think we know. Prejudice isn’t just judging someone on the colour of their skin, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, etc. it’s judging someone when we don’t know them or the context of situations.


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