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Every week I’ll post a blog worth reading. These blogs may be similar to my own, mates that I know or people I have networked with etc. But all these blogs that I post here will have one thing in common; the bloggers know their target audience, they’ll make their blogs eye-catching, dynamic. But above and beyond anything else these blogs will be different.

Last week’s ‘Blog of the Week’ went to Austin Farrell

And this week’s blog of the week goes to:

Ashley Steed – Theatre Reviewer/Master of Arts in Theatre and Performance Student at Queen Mary, University of London in the UK, originally from California, US …y’all

Very satirical view of her education as a postgraduate Arts student in one of the best cities in the world.
Be it setting fire to her crotch or watching a play about Water, she’s getting her Masters and she’s getting it in style. Be amused at her procrastination attempts but be enthralled at her theatre reviews. Her use of words to describes the set, the stage and the venue is incredible. a real talent to be reckoned with. And plus I’m very proud to call this sister a very dear friend of mine.

Take a gander at her Ashley Steed blog here:

Other blogs you might be interested in:

James Christopher Sheppard – for eclectic music reviews and comments on culture and politics

Lucinda Parker – for live music venue reviews, gig reviews and music reviews

Chris Lynch – for stuff gays like

Kit Popplestone – for all things LDN, Street-Art, fashion and Hip-hop based ๐Ÿ™‚

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