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The Bloody Beetroots – Death Crew 77

I have been raving about this act for years, they’ve just recently released ‘Best Of…Remixes’ which unfortunately does not feature ‘We Are From Venice’ (contains a sample from ‘La Serenissima’ by Rondo Veneziano – totally goes back to Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo’s Venetian roots) but that doesn’t matter. It does, however, feature an immense remix of The Chemical Brothers’ ‘Dissolve’. They’ve not long released an album called ‘Romborama’ which features a blistering thudding stomp of ‘Warp 1.9’

It’s heavy, and certainly dances that fine line between metal and dance. And there sure as hell is a punk attitude to their work. It might not be to everyone’s taste, definitely acquired – much like an olive or Marmite.

But if you like Boys Noize, Justice, and anything else in that Ed Banger, Dim Mak vein then you’ll sure like these fellas!




Think Warpaint crossed with the desert. They are massive fans of QOTSA and Kyuss, and have been supporting Warpaint as of late. Not bad eh?

You can get/listen to a couple of their tracks (“Creeping” and “On A Wire”) here:


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