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  1. Hi Laura

    I came across your post on The Crookes a while back on Purll’s weblog, we’re fans of the band for bringing guitar music back in focus so figured we’d say hi..

    We’re a Manchester based band called, CITY REIGN

    We’re releasing a single “Daybreak” May 9th through our own label Car Boot Records.

    The video for the “Daybreak” can be found here;

    You can download the track here as well

    Our debut single “Making Plans” was released in September

    Its received air play on XFM and BBC6, Steve Lamacq also featured us on bands to look out for as part of his In The City show.

    If you would like a press pack please say
    We’re running out of promo Cd’s but if you’d like one please say

    Thanks for your time

    Michael Grice

    “Fans of Yuck and Dinosaur Jr will approve of City Reign’s anthemic, grunge. A million failing garage bands will ask why”
    The Independant
    “Out in the Cold’ boasts a great melody and a big, clean guitar sound and is a million times better than 95% of what’s currently played on the radio”
    Muso Guide
    “I’m really digging the wistful lyrics, powerful guitars and pounding drums. It couldn’t be a better slice of English city life if it tried…it all makes for something very atmospheric”
    There Goes The Fear
    “It’s a well written rock piece that is easy on the ears. For a young band they sound polished and ready to go. I’m impressed”
    We All Want Someone To Shout For

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